Char Service

Our rates may vary according to area but range between R350 and R395 per day (excluding VAT).

We deliver the person to your door by 09h00 on your specified days. She would work for seven hours and do all domestic duties; she would have her own transport money to get home. We ask that you provide lunch (some branches do provide a lunch - so please check beforehand).

Should you book a regular service then we would allocate a specific person to you whenever possible, however this cannot be guaranteed due to the vagaries of human and transport problems. Should you not be happy with a particular person, we would replace her. Our staff are selected on the basis of a pleasant, cheerful demeanor, communication skills and a good track record.

The fee would be the only amount payable by the client, there being no other charges or levies unless additional work/ materials are specifically requested by the client. All payments are to be made to the agency, which can be done via the charlady. The client is not expected to disperse any other amounts to the cleaning lady.

By using the Marvellous Maids char team, you are not liable for U.I.F; sick pay; leave pay and canít be taken to the C.C.M.A. We are easy to hire and easy to fire.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We do ask that you provide a light lunch during the work day, something simple such as tea, a sandwich and a piece of fruit. Should you be unable to do so, please inform the office when booking your service.